• Grandmothers of Light Wisdom School & Wise Woman Council

  • ~Artwork by Marnie Dean


    The Grandmothers of Light Wisdom School is a divine partnership between the Grandmothers of Light, the Wise Woman Council, and my willingness to listen to my own divinity. The Wisdom School is an opportunity for women-identified people who are ready to deepen their spiritual and emotional "work." It is also the opportunity to take the next steps in your healing with the support of a community of women who "walk" their spiritual talk. At the Wisdom School the curriculum is tailored to the unique growth needs of each women who applies as they feel called to this next level of healing and leadership in their own life and the life of the planet at this most needed time.


    The Wisdom School is centered on the channeled teachings of the Grandmothers' invitation for women-identified people to step into their own power and intuition. Through a commitment to sit deeply with their own shadow and light, students will receive guidance from the teachers of the Wise Woman Council, to channel the wounds of interpersonal and intergenerational trauma as portals for transmuting suffering into Joy, Wellness, and Healing for themselves and the world. We are the healers the world has been waiting for.


    Who are What are the Grandmothers of Light?


    The Grandmothers of Light "revealed" themselves to me as my commitment to my own healing deepened. My commitment to being a beneficial presence on this precious planet opened up my ability to feel the Grandmothers of Light singing me back to myself and their channeled wisdom began pouring through me.


    I experience The Grandmothers of Light as expressions of pure energy and as energetic guides, from our individual and collective spiritual lineages, whose wisdom is medicine for this time of great transition we are going through on the planet. They are also expressions of our highest self across and outside of time. Their wisdom is available to all beings who are willing to be still, to deeply listen, and receive their messages that can lead to transformation and healing.


    The Grandmothers of Light Wisdom School commences online during the Winter Solstice season in the Northern Hemisphere and during the Summer Solstice season in the Southern Hemisphere, each year for 13 moons. There is a two week in-person retreat where we build council, community, and magic with each other. Commencement takes place during the 13th full moon in-person each year at either Mount Tamborine in Queensland, Australia or at Congo Square in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States depending on the year of your enrollment. Please subscribe to the mailing list below, to ask questions and learn more about applying.

  • The Wise Woman Council

    ~Artwork by Marnie Dean


    The Wise Woman Council was birthed from my channeled communion with the Grandmothers of Light to gather wise women spiritual leaders to build the community that is the foundations of the Wisdom School. Each Wise Woman holds healing space and one-on-one council with each student to support their healing and growth.


    The Wise Woman Council is composed of women wisdom teachers, Robyn Rice Olmstead, Marnie Dean, and Deborah Knighton Tallerico, who decided to hear the calling of their hearts and open to experience the Grandmothers of Light alongside me. Each teacher comes from a diverse healing tradition offering students of the Wisdom School a holistic and safe space to deepen their growth.