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    My name is Natasha Wilson and I work with individuals and groups of people to explore and engage their deepest expression of spirituality, belonging, forgiveness (of self and others), acceptance, mindfulness, interconnectedness, and self-love. My work is deeply rooted in the Shamanic Way of working between worlds and across realms of existence.


    The Journey Home Global represents an inward journey to the ultimate home. The home of the self, the home of the heart- the home that is not defined by geography- but instead is realized through emotional, spiritual and mental healing. It also represents my own healing journey and experience of living on two continents--North America and Australia. Each land has taught me much about the nature of the soul and of Life as she embraces us and holds us to step into a greater expression of our own humanity.

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    I descend from a long line of women healers. I practice as a cultural anthropologist (PhDc), psychotherapist (LCSW), spiritual life coach, intergenerational shaman, mystic, and initiated priestess, carrying family lineages from my Southern Black American and Chata First Nations bloodlines (now known as the Mississippi Band of Choctaw.) Through marriage and spirit, I also belong to the Kamilaroi First Nations People in what is now called Australia. Besides my wonderful private practice where I get to work one-on-one with individuals and with diverse expressions of partnership and family, I am the founder of the Wise Woman Council and Grandmothers of Light Wisdom School where I steward women-identified people with the Wise Woman Council of Healers and Energy Workers, to birth their unique gifts to the planet.

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