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    Through in-person sessions as well as an online HIPPA compliant video option, I offer psychotherapy sessions (to clients located where I am licensed in the U.S. and internationally.) I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Narrative Therapy (NT), Mindfulness, and Indigenous Healing Practices, to support the people I serve in constructing a new story of their lives based on possibility. These approaches are grounded in the core part of my practice of Spirituality; from my deep sense of love for the human condition. Here Spirituality simply means exploring that which gives us a sense of meaning and purpose.


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    Spiritual Life Coaching

    In spiritual life coaching, we work together to use your own unique sense of spirituality- what gives you meaning and purpose- to move your life to the next level of your greatest yet to be. In spiritual life coaching we learn to listen to ALL the ways the Universe is saying YES to your deepest desires for healing, health, abundance, and love. In spiritual coaching we learn how to feel and know our gifts at the deepest levels, and then simply open to receive the good that is always wanting to flow our way.


    Healing Sessions and Rituals 

    These specialized sessions are designed to address the particular needs a client. Using the power of ritual, we listen deeply to what the soul is asking. Sometimes the soul simply wants to come home and so in ritual we may engage in the ancient practice of singing the soul home. What's the song of your soul?


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    Healing Racial Trauma Through Lineage: Recovering the Wise Woman Therapy Group

    This group brings together women-identified people across lines of race who want to address the deep wounds of racialized identity that we ALL carry.


    The Grandmothers of Light Group

    This group is a preparatory space for women-identified people who are interested in participating in the Grandmothers of Light Wisdom School. In this group, we will witness each other's talents, skills, and gifts that we wish to deliver to the planet at this time. This affirmative, loving space supports participants to explore the places where they feel stuck bringing forth their Light.


    For group work including the Healing Racial Trauma Through Lineage group and the Grandmothers of Light group, please contact:


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    As a skilled humanistic therapist, I specialize in helping individuals, couples, and other configurations of family (that are not always embraced by social conventions) to heal from interpersonal and cultural trauma, grief, loss, life transitions (work/career, family, school, and relationships), depression, and anxiety; to navigate complex issues around gender, racial, and sexual identity; and to realize their inherent strengths.


    I operate from a philosophy that people have the ability to recover and heal and the power to do so lies within them. My job is to facilitate the process.


    "The truth is, with just a little help, sometimes we can begin to see and 'remember' that life is everywhere, always showing us just how much we are supported and loved. We just need help opening the shades that have been drawn down over our heart from hurt...but sometimes just observing our breath can help us remember the truth and beauty of our own being."

    ~Natasha Wilson

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    My training is in cultural anthropology, clinical social work and women’s studies. I have a Doctoral degree (PHD) from the University of New Orleans, a Masters of Social Work (MSW) from the University of New England, and a Masters of Art (MA) from the University of Iowa. I have studied at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine and Agape University at The Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California. I am also a graduate of the Institute of Energy Science in Brisbane, Australia.

  • "You are meant to be here, exactly as you are

    and every bump, bruise, and seemingly imperfection

    can bring you closer to remembering

    the unique beauty of your own identity."

    ~Natasha Wilson